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How It Works

Access to Alternative Funds in the Simplest Way Possible

Our strong, secure partnership network is made up of longstanding relationships with top-tier organizations. Together we have leveraged each others’ strengths and weathered and thrived through shifting economic dynamics.

Benefits of a Collaborative Network

We work with our clients and our robust network of top-tier partners to give qualified purchasers an easier way to access private capital and hedge funds. Our strategic partners serve as a vetting, security and oversight system, providing redundancy and transparency while delivering a high level of service on all accounts.

Fund Manager

Expert Research and Sourcing

GLAS Funds has a strong partnership with FEG Investment Advisors, whose research and investment sourcing enables our clients to access institutional alternative investments at reduced minimums. Our unique collaboration allows us to deliver FEG research and investment options to our clients or supplement our clients' own sourcing for the right mix. 

Friction-Free Operation and Administration

It can be a nightmare to fill out cumbersome, multi-page documents for each investment. With GLAS Funds’ unique subscription model, our clients only have to fill out one evergreen, digital form. That’s it. The one-page document carries through all investments, reducing the operational burden of traditional documentation. And at the end of the year, there’s only one K-1 form to submit.

Customization Made Easy

Easily and seamlessly build customized portfolios for clients through our proprietary platform. GLAS can help choose the allocation and portfolio for our clients, or they can build their own portfolio for each client. Advisors and allocators choose the level of research and sourcing they would like to do, or what they would like to mix with GLAS and FEG recommendations.