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Digital Onboarding

Register New Clients on GLASfunds The only subscription process our advisors & clients will ever complete

Registering clients on the platform is straightforward and easy. Advisors submit client details and investment selections through an intuitive one page, digitally-enabled form. Behind-the-scenes, each agreement goes through a series of reviews to ensure legality and accountability.


Laptop with Paperwork

Submit a Pre-Fill Form

Advisors submit an electronic form online complete with client data and investment selections. Submitted data automatically maps into a full subscription document and is presented to GLASfunds for review. 


Digital Subscription Document

When complete, the full subscription document is sent to the appropriate signing authority (either the advisor, client, or both) for secure electronic signature via DocuSign® on any device.  

Secure electronic copies are instantly available. 

SS&C GlobeOp

SS&C GlobeOp

(Third-Party Administrator)

Completed and signed subscription document is submitted to our third-party administrator for a final review. Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks are also completed.

Once approved, the final subscription document is posted to the client's secure SS&C portal and cleared for funding. 

Northern Trust

Northern Trust Bank

(GLASfunds Custodial Bank)

Wire transfers are initiated by the advisor to our custodial account at Northern Trust — but only accepted after a Dual-Token Electronic Approval System is executed between Northern Trust and SS&C.

Pie Chart

Initial Investments

Funds from Northern Trust are then sent to the underlying investments identified on the initial pre-fill form.