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Making Portfolio Changes

Add New Investments & Rebalance Just submit & sign

Once an investor's initial allocation is completed through the evergreen subscription agreement, any subsequent investments and/or portfolio rebalances can be made through an online digitally enabled change form. No new wire instructions, no KYC/AML, no hassle.


Laptop with Paperwork

Submit Instructions

Advisors submit a digitally enhanced form online with instructions for their client accounts -- whether it's a portfolio rebalance, new commitment or redemption. GLASfunds generates a Change Form and communicates the timeline to execute the changes to the advisor. 


Digital Change Form

The Change Form is sent to the appropriate signing authority (either the advisor, client, or both) for secure electronic signature via DocuSign® on any device.  

Secure electronic copies are instantly available. 

SS&C GlobeOp

SS&C GlobeOp

(Third-Party Administrator)

The executed Change Form is submitted to our third-party administrator for review. Once approved, the client account will be updated based on the new instructions and transaction confirmations are posted to the client's secure SS&C portal. Portfolio rebalances are monitored and progress notifications are sent monthly to advisors until completed.

Northern Trust

Northern Trust Bank

(GLASfunds Custodial Bank)

New positions and any redemptions are again processed through the Dual-Token Electronic Approval System executed between Northern Trust and SS&C.