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The FEG Advantage

Fund Manager

Sourcing and Portfolio Construction Specialists

The GLAS Funds platform leverages FEG Investment Advisor’s institutional research capabilities to vet and source opportunities. FEG maintains a team of over 20 investment research professionals to service its consulting and OCIO clients, with dedicated analysts to evaluate hedge fund and private capital managers. FEG's network of relationships help them access niche investment strategies from across the globe, and the GLAS platform makes those sometimes hard-to-access institutional funds available to its Qualified Investor clients, typically at significantly reduced minimums.

The FEG Factor

GLAS Funds works closely with FEG to bring our clients an innovative solution that provides qualified investors access to private capital and hedge funds. FEG's sourcing and due diligence on institutional caliber investments are centers of excellence that power its consulting and OCIO businesses. Its long-term institutional relationships, dedicated sourcing network, rigorous due diligence process, and thought leadership are all accessible to clients of the GLAS Funds platform.

Unprecedented Access

The GLAS Funds platform gives its clients the ability to collaborate with FEG professionals on the sourcing, construction, and due diligence of private portfolios. Previously only available to institutions, with GLAS Funds’ revolutionary platform and partnership with FEG, private investors are now able to enjoy the same benefits.

Detailed reports are available to GLAS Funds clients for deep-dive, full-scale digital access to the initial research, due diligence and ongoing monitoring of hedge funds through FEG’s research library. 

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